Thursday, August 1, 2013

Challenge Accepted

This month, I am participating in a month long blog challenge #31WriteNow with Luvvie at It sounds super hard but I am ready. August has a lot of new things coming my way so I am sure I'll have a lot to say.

Last night, me and the Hubbs went on a mid-week date night. This is BIG. I am not going to lie, we are kind of lax with the date night thing. I really understand it's importance...I really do but sometimes, I'd rather just go to bed early *gasps*. I know, I know shameful but now that my mom is in town, we can get out a little more. 

We saw my favorite performer ever BEYONCE!!! We had really great seats and the show was amazing. Well played Hubbs well played. We even capped the night off with ice cream and some random popcorn my mom made. That is also big because I have been counted calories like a mad woman lately. But, I had a really good conversation with a good friend a last week that has made me start to re-think that (more on that later). 
I know this one is a little fuzzy but that's B!!!!

Today, I spent the day shopping with my mom to get things to decorate my house and to get ready for my son's birthday party. I gave her the task to help me and she accepted that challenge with zeal lol. When I tell you we were out ALL day...LAWD Jesus I thought it wasn't going to end! But we got everything we needed for the party and some cool stuff for my house. We were out so long that we had to have lunch at IKEA (pretty good food by the way). That store is a death trap though. What we needed was literally at the very end of that maze of a store. We had fun but I am not ready to go pick up my son and nephew from daycare in less than 30 minutes. Mama needs a nap. 

One last thing, can I confess that I am obsessed with school supplies. I already bought everything I needed for teaching and starting school this month but every time I go out, I see more cool things.  I think I need an intervention. I am keeping my butt home tomorrow. For real. Does anyone else love a cute notebook or planner? It can't just be me.
When did they start making school supplies featuring Jesus?? I would have loved this going to school! 

Well I know that was all random but I hope you had a blessed day. I'll be back tomorrow with something good (hopefully hehe).


  1. I'm taking part in the challenge as well. A bit worried about being able to keep up, but we shall see! I have an addiction to notebooks! And to make matters worse, I RARELY finish using one before buying another! Congrats on a successful date night!

  2. Hi Lis! Thanks so much for stopping by. I never finish using notebooks before I buy new ones either! I am going to try this time...really hard. Good luck with the challenge. I will stop by and check out your blog. I am so excited to meet other bloggers through the challenge :).