Friday, December 9, 2016

Good Good Father

Have you ever asked God for something and he gave it to you but it didn't quite turn out how you expected? Fancy that. Well this is exactly what happened to me about 4 months after taking a leap of faith into a new job after leaving my previous job after 7 years.  I mean the job was everything I had prayed for until it just took several unexpected turns. What I thought was my dream job was slowly becoming a nightmare (well parts of it). But God...

I reignited my prayer journaling and went to war. My church and small group have instilled in me the firm belief that battles are won through prayer. And as if God could feel the depths of my desperation---my personal need for a glimmer of hope, he blessed me with a promotion one week and two days later to be exact!

I have often been one to seek burning bush types of sign of the hand of God and I am grateful for a father that indulges his children. God wants to hear our cries, petitions, and especially our frustrations and hurts. There have been times this year where I have felt like a failure or embarrassment to God but his grace has been sufficient. His power has worked best in my weakness. I am praying and believing God for more miracles in 2017. I encourage you to do the same. Write down you prayer requests and keep track of your answered prayers so you have indisputable evidence of the hand of God in your life. Some prayers may be ongoing, such as those for the safety of our children and loved ones. Some prayers may take days, months, or decades to be answered but keeping track allows us to never forget what God has brought us from and help us reflect later when we fall into trails.

He is a good, good father.