Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Work Life Unbalance

So I've heard that work life balance doesn't really exist. That being said I often wonder is there is such a thing as a happy medium. There has to be right? I certainly think there is. I don't have many friends that aren't educators so I don't have much a perspective outside of the urban education/high performing charter school world.   It is a constant meeting, planning, revising, teaching, assessing, analyzing, more meetings, then repeat everything again--sometimes in the same day-- kind of world.

The good part was when I got home tonight, my mom was making dinner and my baby boo was nice and cuddly. This is rare now that he's almost two and super active. To get him to sit still with me for any amount of time is a blessing. I kind of trapped him with a Barney episode but that's neither here nor there. I got my cuddling in. For twenty or so minutes it felt like he felt my struggle and knew that a little cuddling would help me out.

I really need to work on sticking to my no people getting inside of my own little zen bubble. I just want to do my job well and have joy. You can do a good job and not work like a slave 24/7 and feeling drained everyday. I believe that. I don't mind busy periods but when that period is always...Houston we have a problem.

Excuse the language but I love e-cards. The give me all kinds of life and laughs.
Does anyone else feel this way at work sometimes??

Over the next few days, I'm am going to work on some tips to help us have some joy even when working during difficult times or in careers that are not ideal. 

I rebuke workplace blues in the name of Jesus. 

What a difference a day makes. 

I will NOT be blabbing about work tomorrow. I gotta get you all lifted! I'd love to hear about everyone's work life balance or unbalance stories though. 


  1. I've blogged about this same thing. I agree that trying to be perfect about everything will drive you insane. I'd love to say I can drop work at the door and pick up home, but I can't.

    I've been there with the e-card. I've gotten to the point that I've gone to just 'whatever' you want me to do this bassackwards? Whatever. I get paid the same either way.

  2. Hah! I don't have a balance. It's hard to create and one can be created for a minute. However, once that burn-out hits, I'm back at the bottom trying to device a new plan to balance everything.

  3. Ladies- so true! Barb, please don't stop blogging about this - I feel like you are such a great example of a woman that does an amazing job balancing. So to hear you write about your struggles and your solutions - we can also benefit from it and you make it so dern simple :)

  4. Thanks for sharing ladies! We will find a happy medium one day you watch then the world better watch out for us when we do!