Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mid-Week Boost: Strength and Endurance

This is a busy and hectic season in the life of a graduate student. As the semester is winding to a close, major assignments and projects are due and before we know it, it will be finals time. It would be great if the world around me would take a pause during this time but everything else is in high gear as well. I am often tempted by frustration to give up but instead I have challenged myself to pray for strength and endurance during this time. I know that what I am working towards right now has a purpose and is a part of the vision that God has showed me for my life. Therefore, while I would love for God to take something of my plate, what I really need is strength to stay the course so I can not only continue to get prepared to really live out my purpose but so that I know what this season of preparation is like so I can share it with someone else who may be discouraged. The road to success is not a straight path and people will try to knock you off it and distract you along the way. Things that would seem trivial to you under normal circumstances are now amplified tenfold because of the stress. I pray not only for my strength and for strength and patience for those around me. I often think that people should feel obligated and really want to support me in the work that I am trying to do but the reality is, it is probably taxing on them as well and at times my patience is too thin to acknowledge that fact. We all need strength and endurance for everything that we do so don't give up--pray for it.

What do you do during busy and trying seasons to keep your eye on the prize? Let's talk about it!