Monday, August 5, 2013

Today Was A Good Day

I must say that today was a good day *insert ice cube voice here*. I managed to get a lot accomplished on the work front with nothing to overwhelming on the first day back (just meetings galore). I prayed in the morning and carpooled with my good friend so I really set myself up for success.

After our morning meetings, I stepped on the scale in our nurses office-because the one at my house sucks-and discovered I'd actually lost a pound. With a summer of hardly no calorie tracking and lots of good food, I must say I was thrilled. I celebrated by having an AMAZING salad for lunch. Who knew salads could be so good. I don't usually do spicy but this had a little kick that made it almost like a taco...heaven.

I got home while the sun was still shining and fired up the grill for dinner. Definitely felt like a winning working mom and wife today. We rounded the night by a family walk around the neighborhood. So relaxing. I have grown to love walking outside. What am I going to do in the winter?

Ivory decided to push his own stroller after a while. 
My mom watched ebony and ivory all day. I thought she'd be exhausted but she was super upbeat. She even organized my linen closet for me. Thank God for moms. I swear she has some grandma magic though because she has these boys following orders left and right. They seem to run wild when I'm in charge. I may have to rethink my approach. Who new boys actually could behave lol. Right now though, she is sitting here going through my clothes to donate bag trying on random things. She is 4'11" maybe 110 lbs soaking wet but because she doesn't want to "throw things away" she insists on seeing what she could keep. Lady have a seat! I'm trying to do some good in the world.

Well that's it for me today. Time to unwind and prepare for another great day tomorrow. I declare it in the name of Jesus!

 I hope every else had a marvelous Monday! 

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