Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fake Out

Hahaha I know a few people like this! Good ol fake people on fb...
Have you ever met someone you thought was awesome and realized later that they were a fraud? I have seen this happen so many times with relationships, in work, church, school, etc. Now I don't put people on little perfect pedestals by any means, but it really blows my mind when people say that they are one way but then their actions are the complete opposite the majority of the time. Again, no one is perfect but witnessing this repeatedly has been a little frustrating lately.

In some instances, I think it is appropriate to be a little different. I am definitely different with my students than I am with my son. I also interact differently with my husband than I would with a co-worker; but the essence of who I am, is still the same--at least I think so.

Why do we often feel that we have to hide who we really are or pretend to be something we are not? I know the pressure to be perfect is real. We all feel like we have to be the best worker, perfect mom, wife, etc at times. Maybe it would be easier if more people talked about the struggle instead of trying to live up to the fraud (remember wonder woman does not exist).

In the end though, I think it is so much easier to be yourself than to be a fraud. This is why Christians, woman, etc get such a bad rap. I can't say that I am a Christian and then run around judging and backstabbing others. I can't say that I want to lift my sisters up but talk about thier private business with someone to try to get ahead or to make them look bad.

I don't know what drives people into fakeness but I pray that more people start to rebuke fakeness in 2014. I try not to take it personal, but sometimes fakeness can sting especially when it shows itself in a "friend". I got hit with some fakeness today and I was not even ready. I probably should've called it out but I'm really not confrontational.

Can't we all just get along?

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