Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let Faith Lead the Way

Sometimes I think that having faith is almost too easy. I mean if we really trust God at his word, then that means everything is going to be fine no matter what. But what happens when things are not fine? In spite of our best laid plans, the things we desire and work hard for do not happen when or how we envisioned? Husbands and boos start acting crazy, that job we wanted gets passed on to someone else, that debt we have been working to payoff gets doubled by an unexpected expense, we've been living right and minding our own business but still can't catch a break...the list could go on.

Faith should be easy but it takes work.

I have been listening to Joel Osteen radio everyday for the past week or so and it is a continuous loop of messages of hope, faith, encouragement, and challenges to live better and walk in faith. I did not think I would be into talk radio because I love listening to music in the car but it has been amazing. It almost the opposite of what we do to ourselves some times--constantly replaying the messages of past hurts, bad breaks, and negativity instead of the truth of God's word.

I encourage you today, the same way that I have been challenged this week, to play the word of God over and over in our head instead of letting your mind be the devils playground. The bible tells us to "fix your thoughts on what it true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise."

I don't want you to feel that whatever your situation or past is does not matter because it does. We all have a story and a journey to going on. But know matter what is happening, ultimately we control our thoughts and we are equipped to win. Disappointments are inevitable but misery is totally optional.

The next time negative thinking tries to bind you, ask yourself am I thinking about what is driving me crazy or what is praise worthy?

Be lifted my friends.

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