Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mid-Week Boost: 5 Lessons from the Puzzler

For the last few weeks, I have been doing puzzles with my son (and by doing puzzles I mean coaching him while he completes them on his own). I think that puzzling can teach my busy 5 year old a lot of valuable lessons. By me choosing to guide and support him through his own processes, he can have fun and learn along the way. In watching him complete 4 or 5 puzzles so far, I have realized that puzzling can not only teach kids valuable life skills but it has lessons but can help us adults too.
  1. Start small. In the beginning of whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish it may be overwhelming. Especially when you are looking at all the little pieces in front of you however, you should start with what you know and keep working from there. 
  2. Always keep the end in mind. Some times you have to step away from the little pieces and look at the big picture to remind yourself what it is that you are working towards. We can get lost in the details and day to day hustle and bustle so it is always important to take a step back and remind yourself where you are headed.
  3. If the first piece doesn't fit try another one. Some times things look right but don't end up working out how we plan. That does not mean that we stop. We just try a different way. It make take three or even ten times but if you get it right that will be all that matters. Your breakthrough may just be waiting on the other side keep pressing on.
  4. When you get frustrated, don't quit. We all get frustrated at times but do not quit! Take a step back, take a deep breath, and start again. If you always get things right on the first try, you are not pushing yourself hard enough. You can seek out wise counsel but don't miss the lessons you can learn through the process by trying to take the easy way out.
  5. Trying to get me to help him. 
  6. It will take time but it is worth it in the end. Nothing that is worth it happens overnight and if it does it most likely will not last. Beware of instant gratification. It is always far more rewarding to accomplish something that you have really invested your time in. 
When is the last time you did a puzzle? Try one out and see how the discipline needed to complete a puzzle is really the discipline that we need in our lives overall.
So proud of what he did on his own!

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  1. Short but powerful. Keep blogging. Miss u boo