Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Baby

All summer I'm probably going to be talking about how much I love summer and wonderful it is to relax by myself and with my family, so prepare yourself. I mean I just can't get enough of watching my son's personality develop and the extra time that I am getting to spend with my husband.

This summer I am getting a lesson on happiness. Every morning my son wakes up with a smile on his face, babbling about something. I usually never roll out of the bed happy, but he always brightens my mornings when he does. He's such a happy baby.

That's the kind of happiness that I want to exude (maybe not right as I roll out of bed though hehe). I am already a pretty happy person. I often think people think I am nuts because no matter what happens, I just like to dust myself off and keep pushing. 
I definitely get hurt and disappointed but I simply choose to stay in the game. Who wants to roll around in misery? Not I. I want happiness, better yet I want joy.

In the pursuit of happiness/joy factor this weekend, I spent some quality time with my boo boo. This is him lounging watching Barney. He is now able to climb on the couch by himself so I didn't even have to stage these photo's--he's just a little lounge lizard with his fruit snacks. Where did my baby go??

And yes, I let him watch TV (Barney, Veggie Tales, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, etc)--how else does a working mom get to cook and clean lol?? He learns so many words and songs from these shows, it's amazing. They are actually quite educational. They are singing ABC's, counting, talking about sharing, the importance of napping, going to the dentist, etc. I mean after watching the same episodes a million times, I even find myself singing along with him at the most random times.

I also baked up a storm trying out new recipes for his cookie party next month--Jalen's Sweet Second Birthday (thank you Pinterest). These goodies are cake batter cookies. Soooo yummy! I may have to include a blog with recipes one day.

My son was a total cookie monster especially with these white chocolate chip snickerdoodles. I let him put in the white chocolate chips so it was only right to let him get a taste. I guess he approves of these for the party.

I need my treadmill belt to come on quick so I can fix it. With all these sweets I need double cardio everyday.
This is happiness for real.

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