Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let it Flow

I love to plan but I hate having plans to do things on the weekends or most of the time when I am not working. I am more of a go with the flow kind of girl for the most part. Too many "plans" make me antsy sometimes. An overly scheduled weekend gives me anxiety. I am not trying to cram 4-5 things into a Saturday (or any day really). Maybe  I won't feel like going or maybe I'd rather read or do nothing at all but relax at home. So because of all these variables, I often avoid plans (unless it's a cruise then by all means sign me up...hehe).
So when my first cousin (yes first cousin...I told you I'm a little country at heart) said she and her son were coming into my neck of the woods at first I was like Lord how am I going to entertain them? What should I cook? I really need to clean. Then I said forget all of that and I'm going to just let it flow. I didn't specifically lay out what we should do down to specific times and locations, I just made plans to simply have fun with my family in just a few stops at our own pace and boy did we have fun 
We went to the fair.
My son cracks me up when he tries new things. He acts like he is scared of whatever it is--in this case a cherry icee-- but then goes for it; even if he keeps making faces. Kids.

We saw fireworks.

I actually found a pretty nice park in my town and we got a great free show. I wonder what other gems they have around here for families.

We went to NYC.

I ventured into the city without my husband or someone else who knows the city well so my cousin and her son could get a little tour. This is momentous because I try to avoid the city like the plague--unless it's for Dallas BBQ of course.
Can I just say that the 9/11 memorial is breath taking! I wanted so badly to meet someone who was there to see the name of their loved one or friend inscribed in wall of one of the pools just to hear their story. I am sure there are so many stories there to be told. I really tried to take it all in. What a beautiful way to honor those who lost their lives.

 But as I am taking everything in, this happened.
This kid loves water...what can I say. But boy we are at a memorial?!? Sit down please!
Can I add that I loved that me and my cousins son's got to hangout? My family is so spread out now that they won't have even a small amount of the experiences we had together growing up. So I cherish moments like these. Even though I usually dread going into the city because it is too crowded and the train system is too confusing I did it--and we made it back to Jersey just fine. I also didn't feel the pressure to cook every single meal or clean like a mad woman everyday. I think I may adopt this policy for all guests.

All in all, I had a really good time with these "plans". I mean it's not everyday you get to see the world's largest Reece's (don't worry, I didn't buy it). My feet and legs are on fire though from all this working. At least I got a little workout in too. I love a good two for one.

In the book, It's a Wonderful Imperfect Life: Daily Encouragement for Women Who Strive Too Hard by Joan C. Webb it says "no matter what a day brings, it is a gift from God-and a reason to celebrate." So even though I am exhausted, hot, and sticky (because it was like 100 degrees yesterday), I am so glad I got to spend these precious days with my family and didn't try to avoid these "plans".

Next week, Jamaica with my husbands family. I am sure I'll have even more fun to share. I have no "plans" for while I am there, so I am excited to see what we end up doing.

Stay tuned and be sure to celebrate a little yourself.

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