Thursday, July 25, 2013

If Your Happy and You Know It...

So my son's current favorite song is If Your Happy and You Know It. He actually claps, stomps, and shouts hooray at the appropriate times--super cute (thank you Barney).

Listening to this song repeatedly got me thinking--if we are happy do we really show it? Most of the time, I don't think that we do. I am on my husband all the time about looking like he is actually enjoying what ever is going on. Sometimes when I watch him, I feel like he looks like he is either sad or mad even when he is really having a good time.  If you are enjoying something, you shouldn't look annoyed or like you lost your best friend right?

I am sure we all can think of one person that no matter when you ask them how they are doing, they ALWAYS have some negative response. Like really? I know everything isn't always roses but if EVERY time someone asks you how you are doing and you can't say anything positive you really need to evaluate your life (yes I said your life please re-evaluate the whole thing). In fact I am not even going to ask you how you are doing anymore because who likes a Debbie Downer? But I digress...

Anyhow, I think everyday we have something to be happy about. Yesterday, I was happy because I baked cookies and conquered laundry. Somedays, I am happy just because I got a good nights rest or was able to get a workout in.
(These Reece's Peanut Butter beauties were amazing!)

Some days I am less happy than others but I can find joy in even the simplest things-- a smile or kiss from my son, something great in a devotional reading, a good talk with a friend--the list goes on. Even if it is just five minutes of peace and quiet in the bathroom or a tantrum free meal with my son, I'll take it. 

I think we if we are happy--joyful we should show it so we can be a reflection of our blessings and make others feel the happiness too. Spread some joy. I love seeing other people happy. Yesterday I simply shared cookies with some friends and was able to spread some joy. If all of us share a little bit of happiness, we'd all be so much happier/more positive. 

I don't want my son or others to think I am the grinch even when I am feeling a little lousy. We should work to focus on what we are richly blessed with instead of the few things that we may want or feel like we should have. I once heard that whatever you talk about or think, you are. So why not say and think positive things as often as possible? If you want to frown why not smile or do something nice for someone else instead? I bet you you'll feel better.

Overall, I am happy so I want to make sure that I show it and you should to.

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