Monday, July 22, 2013

Stay in the Game

So today I have been tackling my household to-do list. I spent all morning folding and ironing laundry and unpacking from our family trip. Lord Jesus if that isn't a job. I don't know how all of this stuff gets done when I have to work...It probably doesn't hehe.

When I took a break though, I caught up on some DVR and Pinterest...I love me some Pinterest.  I got some of the word via Joel Osteen--much more successfully than trying to get the word in church with a toddler. He talked about Staying in the Game (Isaiah 60:1) especially when things get hard or when we just don't feel like we can or want to move forward.

Then as I caught up on Oprah's Next Chapter-Tyler Perry was in this particular episode. He said "if you are going to walk in faith, it truly will test everything you have." Well I think I got that.

As my summer vacation is winding down, I know I will be tested in these coming months. But I am going to walk in faith. I can walk with faith because I know what God has promised me and he will not let me down. So while I am not ready to be back dealing with other people's children, their parents, school politics, and working mom struggles, I am prepared because I have faith.

When things get tough,  I will remind myself of Job. Joel Osteen talked about him during his message. Job had a much greater loss than any of us could imagine (all happening at the same time I might add) but he remained faithful and because he stayed in the game, he was rewarded with far more than he'd lost. We must stay in the game at all times. Even when I don't feel like it myself, I am going to encourage others and try to remain positive even in the midst of chaos. So when I have days that I am dreading going to work for whatever reason, or questioning tough decisions that I may have to make, I am going to choose to stay in the game and to help others stay in the game with me.

We got this.

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