Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Fun-Day

I think Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week. It is like the official family/relaxation day for me. I don't like to do anything outside of the house unless it's a walk, church, or maybe eating out if I don't cook.

Our Sunday tradition is have nice breakfast--today I made chocolate chip pancakes, church, nice lunch--today I fired up the grill, and nap. Lately though, my son has been slacking in the desire to nap department...YIKES. I swear I think he really thinks he might miss something. He positioned himself in such a funny way when he did pass out that I had to snap a picture. Who sleeps with their shirt up??

Today he wouldn't go down until after 4PM. Not prime nap time but once he went down and so did I. I love a good nap. I still live by the mom rule--sleep when the baby sleeps (even though he is far from a baby)--some of the best mommy advice I ever took.

Anyhow, I kind of missed most of the sermon today during church. This happens more often than not lately. Truth be told, toddlers are a distraction. By the time the sermon starts my boy is ready to be on the move. I got bits and pieces of it in the cry room (aka baby play land) but it is hard for me to focus when I am not in the sanctuary and there are toys blasting--I keep forgetting to ask someone to crank up the volume in there. I will be glad when he is old enough for children's church.

My pastor has been talking about God's Promises though. We are starting a novel study of sorts using the book God's Promises For Your Every Need by A.L. Gill. Lucky for me, I already have the book. I started it a long time ago. I can't remember much about it though (clearly it did not move me), but hopefully I'll finish it this time around so I can feel somewhat apart of the learning experience at church.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday! What are some of your Sunday traditions? I'd love to hear.

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