Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't Be Afraid to Ask

One of my favorite woman at my church once quoted the familiar scripture that we have not because we ask not to me (see James 4:2). This same scripture came up in my devotional a few days ago. Why are we so afraid to ask for what we really want or help when we really need it?

A lot of times, I don't personally ask out of fear. I also don't want to owe anyone anything and I feel like very a few people genuinely do things for me out of the kindness of their heart. A while back though, I was even afraid to ask God for things. I thought that some of the things I wanted were to trivial for God's time or I had created my own mess so I needed to deal with it instead of asking to be delivered from it. Over the years though, I have realized that I wasn't getting what I wanted because I did not ask or really seek it out. Once I started asking God, burdens were lifted over time.

The key though is asking and not giving up when we don't get it right away. There is always a reason for delay. I have had to accept the fact that at times I was not ready for what I wanted or sometimes what I wanted was not really what I needed.

It isn't so hard to ask my father in heaven for what I want anymore--I talk to God about a lot of random things now.  But, the real difficulty lies in asking people or taking help when it is offered. This comes with a whole different list of issues--that could be a whole different post--but when someone offers us help we need, we have to get better at accepting it. Wonder woman does not exist--see my previous post on that here. Sometimes, people don't follow through--that is on them even if it ticks us off--but we cannot allow fear cause us to be overwhelmed because we did not seek help.

I am totally guilty of passing up help or not asking but I am starting to find that when I accept help, I am more times than not better as a result. I am going to need a lot more help soon so I am going to practice asking in the mirror so I can get more comfortable with it.

Doesn't it feel great after you help someone who really needs it?

See Matthew 7:7-12 for more on this and tell me what you think.

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