Monday, August 26, 2013

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Some times I think that all moms have to get up really early in the morning--I apologize to my non-parent readers but, I am in a mom zone here lately--these posts are cool for women in general though. A co-worker of mine once told me that she got up at 5AM or earlier just to get her day started--she has 5+ children. I used to think she was nuts but getting up before 6AM really helps me to start my days off in the right direction. Everyone is still sleep so I can read my devotional, workout (before my treadmill was busted), start breakfast, and have some time to just wake myself up at my own pace before having to really interact with anyone.

My problem is I can't seem to maintain any sort of plan like this for a whole week. How do you keep your routines going when things get hectic or you just don't feel like it? I have a ton of things going on this semester (my life has been divided this way since first being a college student and then as a teacher). The key is really sticking to it. Every article or blog about routines really all boils down to sticking to them. Here is a funny one I saw today. This  is one working moms schedule before she even gets out of the door. I thought this was funny because most moms have a solid 2 hours worth of work before getting out the door...bless us. It all sounds so simple but throw a crazed toddler or a lot of work in a day and my routines are shot.

My biggest fear is that if I don't get a handle on this routine thing is that my son will pick up my wayward ways--in my defense though his routine is the only one I really stick to as close a possible everyday so he probably has no clue that I let routines own fall by the wayside.

When I don't get up early, my mornings are kind of like this:

Yes that would be a sippy cup with milk for my cereal...this is what no time in the morning reduces me to!

I don't know why I am so obsessed with this. Maybe it's because summer is winding down and I feel like I need to get my life together. For now, I think I am going to commit to making morning and evening routines and sticking to them no matter what for September--YIKES. I'll keep you posted. I may go down kicking and screaming but I want to see if it actually helps me. 

How do you all stick to routines when the going gets tough? Do you even have them? I'd love to hear.

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