Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monday is coming

and I'm not ready.

Actually tomorrow won't be bad at all but weekends are so great. The weather has been awesome. I haven't really done much but that is just my cup of tea so I am in heaven.

I have a bunch of things going on this week but there is more to look forward to than I am dreading. 

Here's what I'm looking forward to:
1. Make up tutorial/drinks with cool people (look for a follow up to my post Beauty Queens this week).
2. Grad school starting (studying the right thing this time around...therapy here I come).
3. Last week of PD/planning before kids fully start school (I really have to get some work done this week--pray for me saints).
4. Looking at photo's from my son's second birthday taken by the great @kristensigler and making cute thank you cards for the people who came/sent gifts.

Me and my loves again
Birthday boy

I am also finishing up the #31WriteNow blogging challenge. I can't believe how fast a month has flown by. I have so many drafts that I'll really need to narrow down to make my final posts of this challenge count. 

How are you getting ready for this week? Anything cool going on?

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