Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beating The End Of The Week Blues

Work weeks don't really get longer but man some seem to drag on forever.

In order to avoid letting the "I'm working too hard" or "people are really testing me" blues set in, we have to be prepared so as soon as we see ourselves falling into a slump, we can pull ourselves out and not waste a precious week of life. We can't get minutes we are miserable back so we have to be smart about it.

Here are some things I think will get you through the middle of the week so you can make it to Friday without pulling all your hair out..
  1. Set yourself up for success. I know going to bed early can be a challenge so at least give yourself enough time in the morning to wake up fully and get in a good head space before you walk out of the door or into your workplace. Implement some time saving routines to save you time in the mornings like laying out your clothes, packing your lunch, packing your work bag, etc the night before. 
  2. Take a brain break at least once a day. Do ten jumping jacks, stretch, try luminosity, or google brain breaks for other ideas.
  3. Do something you like to do that relaxes you during the work day. Pinterest, Facebook, Words with Friends, Candy Crush, or whatever--make time for it when you start feeling the blues creeping in. Even if it is only for ten minutes--set a timer and go for it.
  4. Phone a friend. And by phone I mean text or GChat too if you can't call someone. Sometimes you need to just hear from someone outside of you work world. Been meaning to call mom or dad (or whoever)? Now would be a good time to take your mind of things.
  5. Do something nice for someone. else Doing something nice for other people always makes you feel good. 
  6. Get outside. While the weather is nice, getting some sun or a short walk can be a simple game changer in your day. 
  7. Snack smart. I love Special K snacks (and they have a TON), nuts, and fruit. If I must have some candy becasue sometimes chocolate is necessary, I keep a stash of fun size candies around that I like too.
  8. Read some ecards. These things are so funny. If they don't make you laugh, you need to loosen up.
  9. Laugh. Speaking of ecards, taking a break to just have a good laugh can brighten any ones day. You tube some funny videos or share a funny story with someone.
  10. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Make sure you are eating and getting lots of water. I am sure we have all seen the snickers commercials that tell us who we become when we are hungry. Take care of yourself first, you are your own first defense.
How do you fight the mid-week blues? I'd love to hear.

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