Thursday, August 8, 2013


So today on my way to see DC to visit my friends/take my mom to see the MLK monument for her birthday, I saw this:

In case you can't tell--because I clearly took this quickly passing by after an hour long wait--it is a an overturned tractor trailer (a very long one too). This picture doesn't even show how bad this accident really was.

When the traffic originally started to back up, I got irritated. What the heck was going on? Then as fire trucks, ambulances, and tow trucks started to roll by I knew it was serious. And then a helicopter landed on the turnpike. You hear me...LANDED on the NJ turnpike. As we finally approached the accident wreckage my mouth was wide open. I wanted to cry. That was someones child. I wondered did that person have a family? Husband/Wife? I pray that they will be alright. 

In light of this today I want to list 10 things I'm grateful for at this moment.

1. Good health-even though I am constantly battling the bulge and struggle with my self a lot.
2. An awesome husband-I'm glad that I have a great husband and father for my son and that my friends have good husbands too.
3. Great friends-I love my friends.
4. The ability to read/have an education-I realize more and more how much of a privilege this is.
5. Owning a home-even though it is super stressful and annoying at times.
6. My son-minus the tantrums lol
7. The ability to change careers-it took me a while to figure it out but I got it now.
8. A job-I may not like it but I have one to not like. 
9. Financial resources-even when my bank account is like really girl? Where's my money lol?
10. My mom-she is killing the game right now with my son, nephew, and helping me with stuff in my house and classroom.

I am grateful for pretty much everything. Life is too short not to be.

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  1. Wow! Yesterday my devotional talked about being content no matter the circumstances and this post definitely connected to that. I am grateful for these posts filled with great truth and wisdom!