Friday, August 9, 2013

Take It Easy

I think it's a general trend to be to hard on yourself. Lately though, I have been taking it easy...really easy and I must say I like this way better. A lot of things still grind my gears but overall I'm taking it easy and loving it.

Have you ever worried about how something would turn out so much it makes your head hurt? And then when whatever it was actually happens, it's not half as bad as whatever you though up in your head? *raises hand*

Over thinking is the devil. Nothing good has ever come of it for me (and I'd bet it hasn't for you either). It is one thing to think through the details of an event or to think through pros and cons of a decision but when you create a whole reality that leaves you drained, frustrated, or literally  sick that doesn't exist--that's a problem.

Here's the thing, most of the over thinkers I know are college graduates (from some of the best schools too)--some even have masters degrees and beyond. We are doers, over achievers--which is a blessing and a curse, and all around good people. If we could do all it takes to have degrees from top university, work in some amazing careers, and birth children why haven't we realized yet that over-thinking hasn't gotten us anywhere? That paper we thought we failed--A. That job we didn't think we'd get--got it. That disease Web MD convinced us we have--don't have it. That meeting we stressed about--did that too. The list goes on.

So when we will learn?

I think the time is now. Take it easy. If it doesn't work out all the time, that's fine--it doesn't always work out for a lot of people (it's not just you). Dust yourself off, surf Pinterest, play some candy crush, go for a walk, or do whatever makes you laugh and relax, and keep going. 

Missed your phone call? I'll call you back when I can, I needed a little me time.

Can't come to your event? I'll be there next time I'm free.

Missed a detail on something I was working on? I'm only human.

Kids eating McDonalds tonight? Don't worry they'll have extra veggies tomorrow--do you know how hard I worked today?

We can do it.

Take it easy.


  1. Something I need to learn how to do but can't quite get. smh. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I need to chant this every day. Take it easy. Although it seems like I can't, like I'm not capable, my mind doesn't have an easy speed. Woooo sahhhhh

    I'm doing #31writenow too, I'm figured this was a great way to find new blogs to read.