Sunday, August 18, 2013

We Love to Party

Actually I am not really big on parties. I like small get togethers with my friends and family. Get a few people together, throw in some food, some drinks, and bam that's my kind of party. I don't need any fancy plans. But with that being said I am throwing my son's second birthday party tomorrow and while at times I thought my head would explode, I think it will be quite fun. It will be nice to see all my hard work come together and see a lot of my friends who don't live close. In fact I'm already celebrating with a late night mimosa.

I'm telling y'all I made 700+ cookies (it's a cookie themed party), a cake, and food. I need to go to bed.

This weekend is uniquely special in that today is my sixth wedding anniversary too. My anniversary and my son's birthday are forever tied together. Next year though, we'll have to do a better job of separating the two.

I get to love on my husband and baby boo in the same this case, I guess I do love to party.