Monday, September 9, 2013

Moving Ahead

Last week was a huge step in the right direction for me. I started out the week with a game plan to get some exercise each day and stick to a few routines that would help me save time and energy throughout the week. While I still have a few things on my to-do list that didn't get completely done, I feel like I am off to a great start.

I talked about my need to find some routines that I could stick with last month. While I didn't write down anything specific, here is what I  tried last week that I felt really set me up for success and plan to continue doing this week with a few modifications.

On Monday night (which would really be Sunday nights going forward since it was Labor Day weekend), I got all me and my son's clothes together and ironed for the week. I threw in a few extra things in case I wanted an extra option or the weather was funky--good call because I definitely changed my mind a few times. This saved me a ton of time in the morning and I didn't come home to piles of clothes I typically come home to because of my rush to find an outfit.

Secondly, I got up early and walked every morning--from anywhere from 15-30 minutes. My goal was to at least get in a mile. I find that morning exercise prevents me from having a mid-day slump which given my schedule, I don't have time for. It also helps me to make sure I get some exercise in when I don't feel like working out in the evening. I love Zumba but my evening time right now is sacred.

Lastly, I made time for something fun--hanging out and making cookies. I even made this little gift for my son's teachers. Nothing fancy--heck I even used Christmas wrapping lol but it was nice to do something nice for my munchkin, who ate his fair share of cookies, and his teachers at the same time.

This week is my first full week of classes and work. I am more prepared than ever. So many people have encouraged me and believe that if anyone can master this load, it's me so I can't let them or myself down. This week, I am going to try to get a little more sleep, get in 2-3 blog posts, and space out my grad school reading so I don't have to stay up really late later in the week.

It's a lot easier to make the right choice when you're focusing on God and your victory instead of the fear of failure. -Joyce Meyer
Here is a prayer that Joyce Meyer had from the devotional Joyce Meyer: Promises for your Everyday Life-- a Daily Devotional that I think will help us all continue to conquer our not so great habits and replace them with good ones and really conquer whatever we have to do in a given week:

God, I'm done living with my bad habits. I make a choice now to take the authority you've given me over temptations that want to boss me around. I will follow your Holy Spirit into new and better life habits.
Be lifted my friends.

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