Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Never Too Far Gone

Does anyone else hate making the same mistake twice? Even three or four times?? I am definitely kicking myself right now because I feel like I made a few mistakes that I have definitely made before. I saw them coming for sure. I had that gut wrenching feeling that I really shouldn't do it but I did anyway...ugh
You'd think I'd know better...sigh but, my weakness is helping people and focusing on long term goals in spite of short term bumps. Who doesn't want to help when you are able or be apart of a team? But Lord Jesus you CANNOT help everybody or situation.

That is the hard part.

You would think that people would want to help themselves ESPECIALLY when they have help and resources at their disposal; but the truth is some people just don't or aren't ready...I can respect that. Some teams and people don't recognize your true value. They can only learn in your absence and I have to be cool with that.

I don't believe that people can never improve--I just can't be the captain or judge and jury of their growth journey. I  need to leave more in God's hands for real. I want to get more comfortable with taking a step back. I think as a professional, I am better at taking a step back from people and watching their struggles from afar. I can assist when asked but not really own their follow through. In my personal life though, this is harder.

This isn't a song I would typically listen to but the words are so powerful. Take a listen.

Pray for me saints.

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