Monday, October 7, 2013

Big Goals...Bigger Problems

Sunday I chose to be a TV saint. I don't normally opt out of going to church but since I've started school I'm finding that sometimes I have to break this once rigid routine (especially if I have to work on a Saturday). In the past, I was really against church on TV but can I just tell y'all Joel Osteen is the truth. When I watched the live broadcast and saw him doing regular church announcements that gave me life. It is just regular church---minus the thousands of people in the audience-- on TV.

Anywho, I decided to catch up on some Joel Osteen sermons I have on my DVR. I forget the title of the sermon but the message centered around the fact that if we believe God has great plans for us, we can't expect to have ordinary problems. For example, if David didn't have to face Goliath, he would still be a Shepard boy. David had a big destiny so, God sent him a big problem.

Now I'm not trying to face a Goliath but I really saw his point. I am striving for some big things--not grandiose dreams of fame and fortune but I have some very lofty goals. The bigger my goals get, the harder the journey becomes.

How can we support our mental and physical health when times get tough, over, and over, and over again? I wish I could tell you something my friends that will get it right every time. But, what I will say though is we have to be deliberate. We have to control what we allow to take over our thoughts. We are all on our way to greatness. When we notice our minds drifting towards negativity and depression, and then we have to fight it head on.

With that said, I started a new devotional called Colliding with Destiny by Sarah Jakes (why do we have to collide with our destiny?? Can't we just walk up to it?? I digress...). It is a 30 day journey through the book of Ruth. I have heard parts of the story but never read Ruth in its entirety. Let's read it and chat about it my friends. You can find an excerpt here. It is only available in paperback right now but it comes with journal questions at the end of each day that I think will make a big difference (and it's only $10...a steal for all my deal lovers). Sometimes when we write things out, it really makes them plain and makes us more committed to them. I'll be blogging about my progress through the book throughout the month.

Be lifted my friends.

I didn't forget about Produced by Faith by Devon Franklin. I will be giving my final thoughts on that book soon so check it out if you haven't. I promise it will bless you. 

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