Monday, November 11, 2013

Blank Check

Have you ever given yourself a blank check to do whatever you want? I mean given yourself time to spend several hours getting pampered is a spa, or an unrestricted amount of time to read, watch TV, surf Pinterest, etc. I was kind of forced into this situation Saturday morning. My mother in-law goes to this salon where you can get pretty much everything you need done all in one place. The ladies are efficient too. You can be under the hair dryer and be getting a manicure too. Does a place like this exist in Jersey? I need to find it.

Anyhow, Saturday morning was essentially my blank check to get pampered, catch up on blogs I had been wanting to read and to just relax. No to-do list to tackle, no meals to prep, nothing but what I wanted to do. Several hours our pampering and relaxation from head to toe…time well spent indeed. 

I realize however, that I was "forced" into this moment though. When the beautician said "when's the last time you had a deep conditioner/hit oil treatment?" I almost laughed; lady don't you know get in and out is my motto so I don't have time for that. It did make me think though why does this have to be the case? My excuse is the same ol' I have so much to do/my baby needs me excuse. All very true but we need ourselves too. What good are we when we don't give ourselves a moment to do whatever we want?

I'm going to get my New Years Resolution #1 started early: give myself at least one day a month to do whatever I want by myself for 3-4 hours. I work hard so the first person that should reap the benefits of that (after I give my 10% to Jesus of course) is me.

I have to find a place that does it all though...I can't spend my time traveling from place to place hehe.

Happy Monday!

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