Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Reflections: Get Ready

Sunday is always a great day of the week to for me to give thanks, reflect, and get in the right frame of mind for the upcoming week. This week, I realized that I need to set more rigid boundaries between work and home and take just a little more time to take better care of myself. I also recognize the need to hold myself more accountable for completing tasks that I set out to do when I plan to do them at work so I can honor this boundary. I don't need to be unreasonably hard on myself, but I know what works and what could work better so, I need to operate in that space more often. 

We weren't built to struggle and feel overwhelmed week after week. We know in our heart of hearts what works and what doesn't; the challenge is to act accordingly. Because I am on the cusp of a career change, I know some of the chaotic-ness that ensues each week for is a necessary means to a much better end, but I don't have to let it bog me down. 

My challenge to us for this week is to keep our eyes on the big picture even when little things try to knock the picture out of focus. We may have to get up early, stay up later, and work a lot harder now but our journey has a purpose and I know everything will be worth it.

What are some things you need to keep doing this week to set yourself up for success as you press on towards our goals?

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