Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lesson and Blessing

Sometimes I feel like a broken record but I really believe there is a lesson and a blessing in every struggle. Sometimes we have to be stripped down to nothing to see what we really need to see clearly. I had to have my own struggles to get lessons that I could not have been taught without a struggle. Who can learn when things always go how we want them or when you always get what you want? You can't learn importance of a dollar if you've never be down to your last (or had some struggle with finances). You can't learn that things really don't matter until you have to do without things.

Consumerism is real. I have been guilty. I still like nice things but now, anything that is not a necessity is few and far between (and it has to be on sale or I have to have a coupon lol). If your birthday passes and I don't have extra, sorry boo. We often beg for the pain of the struggle to be relieved but sometimes we have to take time to get our lesson so when we get our blessing, we do not squander it away. I used to be obsessed with name brands and pricey gifts for people but now, none of that matters. I have goals that I want to reach and trying to keep up with the Jones (who are probably broke anyway) isn't one of them.

Struggles are hard. There will be tears, doubt, anger, rejection, and disappointment. However, I really believe that in every struggle, there is a lesson and a blessing.
If you are currently struggling, I challenge you to think about what lesson can you learn from your situation. Where there people or habits you needed to remove from your life? Had you struggled with something in the past and now because you are struggling again you are forced into compliance? I feel like sometimes God calls us to something and we run away (or vice verse), then suddenly we don't have a choice but to get it together. In my own life, I'm always trying to get more fiscally savvy. Whenever I slip, I feel God always guiding my back through struggles. No ma'am you don't need that. You don't have extra to give to ______. It is hard but we are hardheaded (at least I know I am). I am learning the power of delayed gratification for myself and others. We don't have to have everything right now and perfectly the first time. And if people don't like it too bad--do not explain and do not repeat

There is a lesson and a blessing in every struggle. 

Hang in there my sisters and friends.

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  1. AMEN! Being that I''ll be working on this lovely holiday, this was definitely needed.