Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Reflections

This year has been a roller coaster of great things and utter craziness at times. I have stepped out of my comfort zone, decided on a career change, got into grad school, got closer to some cool ladies, and had friends get new jobs and exciting opportunities--I even ventured out and interviewed and got a new job (even though I didn't end up taking it).

I finished my first semester of grad school with straight A's. I had a sweet second birthday party for my son, had my mom help me redecorate my house, and I got to spend the holidays with my brother. In the same vein though, I have also been hurt and talked about behind my back by so-called friends, robbed, and let down. Friends have had to quit jobs, had their homes broken into, and had important deals that didn't go through. I have seen people overcome with jealousy and selfishness in places where I would least expect it.

But, because I know that life is such a roller coaster of amazing highs and brutal lows (and I believe that all things ultimately work out for good because I do serve an awesome God), I have decided to actually write down a game plan for 2014.

Here are some things I plan to do in 2014:
  1. Set limits (even with"good people")
  2. Reduce my credit card debt by at least 50%.
  3. Save Money (and not dip into it for any reason)
  4. Try some new things (different foods/different places).
  5. Read the word every day…a few times a day.
  6. Read books for fun again (I have a ton from a friend that I have barely dipped into).
  7. Keep in better touch with friends that don't live close. 
  8. Enjoy the fruits of my own labor.
  9. Do some girly things (new make-up, nail polish, etc). 
  10. Celebrate (holidays, birthdays, random days, etc).

We are are called to greatness in our own ways. I will not let my light or calling be dimmed by anyone especially people who think small. I pray that I will remain humble and able to love others even when they don't show love back (and even if I have to do this from afar). I don't need any one else to understand my plan or how I will execute it but me.

Do not explain. Do not repeat. 

Here is a snippet of a great article about What Beyonce's New Album Release Has Taught Me by Afrobella that I also want to test out in 2014.
  1. Don’t talk about it. Just be about it. In fact, shut up about it until you’ve got something to actually talk about.
  2. Never be afraid to step your game up and take your craft to a higher level.
  3. Keep a close counsel and protect your vision.
  4. Leave procrastination in 2013.  
  5. Switch things up and keep the people guessing.
  6.  Be ambitious. You set trends that way.
  7. Let them talk. They’re gonna talk anyway. Your best response is in the work you produce.

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