Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Grinch Exists

As you read a few days ago, I wasn't really getting into the Christmas spirit like I normally do. I was just so busy with life and people and then I had someone--most likely a child--steal my hard earned cash less than an hour after I got it from the bank to go on a trip with my family.

I called myself getting ready for my trip to Hershey (see my post The Sweetest Place on Earth). I was being fiscally responsible---putting credit cards away and making sure I had ample cash and change for gas, the events we were going to, random cash only spots, and anything else we might want. Then BAM I get ripped off in a short one hour window at work---when I went back in for secret Santa nonetheless at the end of the day.

This makes me sad for humanity for a a lot of reasons. Here are a few: one, in my 6 years in Newark, no one has ever stolen from me expect for maybe office supplies or candies. Two, I was just telling one of my fellow classmates that while Newark can be rough but it's actually not that bad. Three, what is going on in people's lives that they are compelled to go into someones purse and empty their wallet? Even though it is still wrong, I understand a person swiping something from a store or taking money that is just lying around but to go into someones purse, house, or to rob someone on the street--why? Not only did I get robbed, but a close friend of mine also had her house broken into a day later. Thank God she wasn't home but what if she had children and what they stole were their belongings and gifts? I am sure this has happened to someone and their family. Lastly, this small incident is a reality for so many more on a more frequent basis. What is happening?

When did people become so hopeless and/or greedy that they have to steal? Are parents no longer teaching their children to strive for better or to simply not to take things that don't belong to them? Once children reach an age at which we feel they should be independent, why do we think that we no longer monitor them and check on them? Children are not grown once they can dress themselves or make a meal or two. The child who probably stole my money most likely wasn't flashing it around but my initial thoughts are geez her parents didn't notice a hundred dollar bill and other extra cash with them? Are they not making more trips to the store or surprised that their child has extra money that they know they didn't give them?

I know that stealing is common for children in certain age ranges. But dag did they have to steal my money? I have seen and read stories about kids stealing from their parents for games, candy, cars, etc. Some of these same kids, will turn into young adults who will go on to steal as well on a larger scale. People are losing their lives because they won't give up their Jordan's to thieves. Why are shoes more valuable than life? My son is growing up in this world. And even though I am try to teach him that less is more, eventually he will want to fit in and be able to buy his own things so then what?


This "now" generation is killing us softly. Gone of the days of working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labor at the end. People want what they want and they want it now even if they have to take it. UGH

The Grinch does exist and not just around the holidays either.

Maybe we need to take a page out of this guys book and let these kids know that we are not playing and hopefully they won't be compelled to steal and will appreciate what they have.


  1. Sorry to hear about your money. I get it! Its not about the money but the principal of it all. The money was not for them! You work damn hard and someone violated that! Girl this might not solve what you are feeling but listen to some Yolanda, The Battle is the Lord's it will surly put you in a peaceful mind.

  2. Thanks Lolade! That is already one of my jams. :)