Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Face Your Fears

In the devotional Soul Detox that I am currently reading in the Bible App, it said: What you fear reveals what you value the most. What you fear reveals where you trust God the least. I'm going to just put it out there that what I fear the most is being broke. Most things I can say that I trust God and don't even give it a second wink but with finances, I'd definitely be Lot's wife--stealing that last glance at the numbers just to make sure everything would add up. I have held on to jobs and been overworked in silence because I was so paralyzed by the fear of being broke that I did not want to leave a job or ask to make things more reasonable.

That being said, I have come a mighty long way. I'm definitely buying less "stuff" that I don't need and I don't play any games around setting realistic work expectations. Target/Walmart get the best of me some days but I am tithing and always looking for deals. I have learned the value in saying no and going the thoughtful route with gift giving instead of looking at price tags.  So why then do I struggle to trust God the least in this area? Quite frankly, fear. Fear of the unknown and fear of a lack of security. I have released bits and pieces of this fear from time to time but I feel like it is always in the back of my mind. I have left a job abruptly (cause it was psycho) and God has kept me. I have all that need and most of what I want. I have paid my tithes and been blessed with double at times but the fear of being broke is still real. This year, I want to do a little more to let this go of this fear and to tighten up on being fiscally responsible with what God has entrusted to me. It will definitely be a journey but I know that will God, I can do it. 

The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need. (Psalms 23:1 NLT)

I started writing my budget in here so the Lord can be even more present in my finances. 
What fears do you all struggle with? I pray that God continues to grow us all in our areas of fear. 

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  1. Wow! This post is strong! Thank you for sharing. You have me thinking on this snow day. I fear finances and not living out my purpose fully. I love the Bible verses also. Keep sharing. I pray that we release what paralyzes us, and allow God's glory to show up in our lives daily.