Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 4: Some Weeks Will Be Awesome

Well this week I did well for myself. I won't give you the day by day breakdown this week--but I can bring it back if you'd really like to see it. I slayed my calorie goal Monday-Friday. I even threw out half my small French fries from Wendy's on Thursday once I saw how many calories they had (200+ for a thanks). Saturday was pretty good but I had some wine and fruit pizzas in the evening that put me over. Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday need I say more? But because I stayed focused during the week, I had no feelings of guilt and avoided "fat talk" for the most part and I felt pretty darn good. 5/7 days on point is a C, but compared to last week--I'm winning. And I lost 2 more pounds!!

By: Buzzfeed
Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand. (Psalms 37:24 NLT)

Here are is a yummy recipe and some new options I found this week. Enjoy!

Spicy Parmesan Shrimp Pasta-I must say this was the BOMB!! Would you believed that I'd never cooked raw shrimp before?? Who knew it was so easy. I will definitely be adding more shrimp to the rotation. I'm not one for spicy but it really only had a little kick. I plan to make it again. I made the recipe as is except I used whole wheat pasta. Thanks Chung-Ah Rhee over at Damn Delicious (and Pinterest for helping me find you!) This recipe really was damn delicious:). 

I had the FIber One wrap below with peanut butter and a banana the first time and then I also tried it with cheese. Very filling, low-calorie, and YUMMY! Pirate's Booty and Nutella aren't anything new but I had both for the first time this week and they were the bomb. Be sure to get the snack packs of both though to keep the portions and calories in check (they have 65 and 80 calories respectively if you opt for snack size). 

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