Monday, February 24, 2014

Weeks 6-7: See it Through

Hello Hello!!

It's been a while but time kind of got away from me with snow days throwing my schedule off, trying to enjoy my time off from work, and reading a my new book club book that is the (The Husbands Secret by Laine Moriarty). So where do I begin---the last two weeks have been somewhat of a challenge. I have been having many internal struggles about this whole weight loss thing. Unfortunately, I don't think I have resolved all of them yet.

I have come to realize that at my core I am a baker. I was thinking about the last conversations I had with my grandmother before she died the other day and I remember clearly at 19 years old sitting down with her not to ask her about her life accomplishments, struggles, or our family history but sitting down with her to write down her prized recipes that she had in her head. There were so many things I could have asked her but that was all I wanted at the time and I think that is so telling about who I am. I love cooking for people and trying new recipes especially desserts. So how do I continue on this journey and not give up who I am.

Can I lose weight and not have to write down everything I eat everyday? What options do I have without having a treadmill (that I am putting off buying once again in the name of being fiscally responsible)? I love Zumba but if I have to read for class, want to eat dinner with my family, and spend time with my son, even one day a week is too much right now. I am cool with admitting that---I can't do everything. I'm not making extravagant desserts during the week. I don't even fry foods (my mama does though but I have gotten her to limit that to once a week) but I can choose to snack on grapes instead of Oreo's while I'm cooking for the week. 

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice and I can make better choices so I am going to shoot for that instead of perfection. Each time I have not been able to keep up with what I set out to so far, I just let the whole day get away from me. 2-3 Oreo's aren't bad--10 definitely not good. So I am going to refocus for the next 47 days and make them count.

Here is what I have decided tentatively:
  1. I am going to continue with this challenge I gave myself. It won't be a full 95 days in a row but it gives me a reference point for progress and I have to start some where. 
  2. I am going to try juicing to get more veggies in. I only really drink water so I will start small. I hate to drink my calories---unless it's wine lol. I bought a Bella High Power Juice Extractor from Target. It is on sale for $62 online but when I got it in the store I also got a $10 gift card. So that plus my 5% off using my target debit card was a huge win. 
  3. The plank challenge me and my husband did was nuts. We decided to stick to one minute a day. I am going to focus on Abs and Arms for the rest of this challenge. These are the areas that bother me the most so that will be my focus (see my Pinterest finds below for ideas-I have attempted both before).
  4. If I have a light Monday, I will go to Zumba but no pressure.
  5. Walk on the weekends once the snow-pocalypse we've been having is over. 
All in all, I want to be healthy. I have been blessed in this body to not have health problems and I want to keep it that way. I also want to be able to try new recipes and go out from time to time with my family friends and not be constantly thinking about what goes in my mouth.

Indulge sometimes but don't over do it--I think I can live with that.

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.  (Galatians 6:9 NLT)

How are you all doing with your New Years fitness/weight loss goals/resolutions?


  1. I love the juicing idea. Please share recipes. One day at a time. I find planning my meals help and having snacks like yogurt, fruit, and nuts help when I am getting a little hungry. I just started really buckling down. It is something that I am doing for me. It is not easy but Rome was not built in a day. You got the right plan and right frame of mind. Please keep me posted.

  2. I agree it starts in the mind and if we can turn the switches in our heads to rethink old habits we might just find success. I definitely understand that internal struggle because the second I think I've got some type of fitness rhythm going I get derailed off of the track I was original on. Keep up the good work you got this!!