Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 9: Progress is Progress

So I have come to terms with the fact that at this stage in the game, I am moving at snail pace. The way my schedule is set up plus the fact that I don't like the feeling of being bogged down and having to be a super perfect tracker (i.e. if my son offers me a bite of his food, I shouldn't have to second guess whether or not to take nor should I have to swat him a way when he wants a bite of my perfectly portioned meal), there are some things I just have to accept. I feel better about how I am going about this but it is making progress go...very...very slowly. However, I'll take it as long as the numbers are going down because I am headed in the right direction. Plus, it is almost spring so I will at least be able to walk around my neighborhood soon.

Happy Birthday to me!
Last week was my birthday and I fully enjoyed myself. I did track what I ate still and only went crazy over the weekend when I made cookies (they were divine!) and ate out with the hubbs. During the week though, I literally measured out pieces of cake. I was over but I didn't go crazy (a 1,581 day here 1,760 day there). Even my birthday dinner with a drink and tempura ice cream didn't put me too far over the edge. To sum up the week though, I only had 1/7 days at 1,500 (YIKES!!). But it was my birthday. A girl can celebrate right??
Overall, it is all about the right attitude and developing healthy habits. My healthy habits definitely outweigh my bad ones most of the time so that definitely counts.

Keep pressing my friends!

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