Thursday, April 24, 2014

Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Have you ever noticed that almost everything we want comes to us through being uncomfortable? You want to lose weight? Workouts and backing away from the plate are uncomfortable. Those jeans that used to fit get a little tight. Ladies-you want that hair looking fresh? Sitting under the hot dryer or getting those braids in is uncomfortable. You want that baby? Delivery is uncomfortable (uncomfortable is an understatement here but I digress). Climbing that career ladder? There are a ton of uncomfortable moments along the way. This list could go on and on.
Personally, I am not a fan of being uncomfortable. I am all about a spa day, relaxation, or peace and quiet reading a book. Hiking doesn't excite me. Running doesn't bring me to a clear headed state. I don't like to argue. I like seeing people happy. Being uncomfortable is not my cup of tea. Is it any ones?
I have found myself at yet another crossroads were there are going to be some necessary uncomfortable moments. At this point, I am picking which type of discomfort I want to endure momentarily in order to reach my long term goals. In the end, being uncomfortable is a means to a desired end in most cases. Think about Jesus on the cross. He could have come down and stopped his pain at any moment but he knew the big picture. We may not always know the big picture and our big picture may change but the discomfort that comes with getting there will have to happen. We can either embrace it or let it paralyze us. 
Think about what you are most proud of. Were there some uncomfortable moments along the way?
We have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable some times.
Don't get so comfortable that you miss Gods calling on your life and opportunities to live out your purpose.

From the Life Application Study Bible Devotion. Get more here.

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