Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No Competition Needed

I may or may not have written about jealousy and competition before but I feel like it is worth discussing again.

When the competitive side subsides... Hehe... Run with your friends to complete that Half MarathonDo you ever feel like you are always in a competition with someone? I am all for friendly competition but I do not like be pitted against other people, especially other women. I once heard or read that gifts are not given to us for competition but for cooperation. There are so many things that need to be done in this world that we don't really need to compete for anything. Cooperation is far greater than competition.

We are all gifted to do something. Half of the time, we don't really want to do what other people are doing anyway. I know that I don't like to clean so I am not going to knock anyone who does. I believe that I am a leader in my own way but that doesn't mean I want to lead a school or take on a major leadership role that I know I am not really committed to.If another sister does, go head girl. I will not be getting in your way. In fact I will cheer you on. I am not about needles or dealing with sick people but more power to our nurses and doctors.

A lot of problems with unhealthy competition arise when people don't realize that they are always trying to compete with some one or they don't really understand their own gifts. If you don't understand your gift, you can misuse it. Once you understand your gift, you find ways to use. Anyone who gets in the way of that needs to go. The last thing you need is someone constantly checking what you do just to compare instead of uplifting and supporting you.

THIS. is. everything. right here... all in one little quote/set of words/statement/sentence, etc..

If you must compete with someone all the time, compete with yourself! This is the only surefire way to help you stay humble and avoid jealousy. A good example of this is Beyonce. Even Beyonce haters can agree that just when you think she has done it all, she finds another way to reinvent herself evolve.

We can all do whatever we desire in our hearts. So support and encourage your sisters whenever you can.

Why not?


Don't forget these gems from Afrobella that I posted in a while back.

 What Beyonce's New Album Release Has Taught Me
  1. Don’t talk about it. Just be about it. In fact, shut up about it until you’ve got something to actually talk about.
  2. Never be afraid to step your game up and take your craft to a higher level.
  3. Keep a close counsel and protect your vision.
  4. Leave procrastination in 2013.
  5. Switch things up and keep the people guessing.
  6. Be ambitious. You set trends that way.
  7. Let them talk. They’re gonna talk anyway. Your best response is in the work you produce.

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