Sunday, February 14, 2016

Spread The Love

I love holidays. Even if they are filled with overspending and overeating. We can have all good things in moderation right? Anyhow, holidays are gentle reminders throughout the year for us to pause, reflect, and celebrate. As we celebrate another Valentine's Day (one of my Top 5 favorite holidays), I am reminded of the importance of love. Loving our families, our boos, and our friends. Love, when done well, is amazing. Love not only covers our imperfections and allows us to come as we are, but it also gives us hope and strength. Love-especially selfless, unconditional agape love, gives us a purpose greater than ourselves.  Love supports our dreams, comforts us in tough times, and can be our voice of reason.

Love makes everything better. 

The media constantly reminds us of all the hatred and violence around us. So how can we do our part to spread more love? We can do this in so many simple yet intentional ways everyday by doing things like saying good morning, asking how someone is doing, or by helping someone out. We can all do just a little more to spread love. Our acts of love of our way of sharing Gods love throughout our various circles of influence. You never know how one small gesture of love can change someone's day or life. We need to love---heavy. Remember that Mali Music song Heavy Love I shared before?

I believe in the power of love. I am truly grateful to love and be loved. Let this Valentine's Day be a reminder to love and let yourself be loved. Do the things that make you feel loved and that allow you to spend time with people you love everyday. Share a cupcake, laugh at silly things, be mushy, let your child get that extra five minutes of whatever they've been begging for, Call someone unexpectedly, surprise someone with something you know they'll like and most importantly, take some time to love on yourself. 

Love has a pulse. Can you feel yours?

Take the time to intentionally love on someone today. You won't regret it.

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