Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blah Blah

Where did the weekend go? I had a semi-long weekend but man I am not ready for tomorrow--let us pray.

I keep saying that summer isn't officially over until the day after Labor Day but, the reality is tomorrow we welcome children back from summer. It's a little exciting but given the massive amounts of work I have to do, I'm not to thrilled.

I feel like my to-list this week is too long: new school year starting, wedding anniversary and son's second birthday party this weekend, out of town guests--I need a nap just thinking about this week. When this happens, I practice avoidance lol. So today instead of doing what I could've done to get ahead, all day I hung out with my son and nephew, surfed Pinterest, and played candy crush (this game is so fun...I'm mad I missed my chance to nap today though just to get to another level). 

I don't even feel the least bit upset with myself either. No matter how much I would've worked today, there would've still been something tomorrow.

Everything always works itself out anyway so when I really can not do anything that's what I will be doing. 

Meet me on my couch or my deck-because it was nice out today until the  mosquitoes came for me.

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