Monday, August 12, 2013

Can I Just Say...

God is good. Have you ever prayed for some thing--for days, weeks, and months even--and then God not only shows up but shows all the way out?? Well that happened to me today so I'd thought I'd share. I think it's important to share our struggles so we can all learn from each other but, it is equally important to also share our triumphs too. It's not all dog poo right?

So as far as Monday's go it was one of these kind of days:

 But then at the very end of the day I learned that I was getting a bonus I was suppose to get a month early. ..a MONTH early. God must've saw me calculating today and saw fit to move his hand in my favor (and in that of my other co-workers too). I will make sure my tithing envelop is full Sunday cause Lord knows I didn't see a way other than Jesus.

And then I got ANOTHER blessing of groceries from my sister. Man I almost did a praise dance when I saw that envelop days earlier than I expected. We shall be eating good for the rest of the week and at my son's birthday party.

And lastly, I came home to toddlers in a good mood--must've been the day home with grandma. You might not think this is much but it is a big deal. We had some good belly laughs tonight.

When I say this kid is a little ninja. He's a mess.  I'm trying to make dinner and he is clowning around.

This kid has so much personality. I can't take him.

Thank you Jesus.

When they say God is on time....honey he is for real. If no one ever told you, I am telling you tonight. Ask and you shall receive. Be patient and get ready.

And the kiddos are sleep at a decent hour?!?!! I told God was showing OUT today.

*Throws up deuces and runs to play candy crush.*

Be lifted my friends.

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