Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dealing with Jealousy

Today I am sharing a great post I read this morning about jealousy written by Tamera Mowry. I love helping other people and seeing other people live out their dreams but I know at times jealousy can creep in if we are not careful. It can be really hard when it seems like some people are getting everything or have everything but you are stuck. We have to work hard to keep the "J" word out of our vocabulary.

This post highlights why we should not be jealous of anyone. We are all unique and have different gifts---gifts that will develop and blossom at different times. I believe that if we are all shining, we can light up the world.

Devotional: How to Come in First Place

By: Tamera Mowry

Being a twin and coming from a family of actors and producers, I’m constantly asked about how I work in this industry without becoming jealous of those close to me. People always seem baffled by how we try out for the same things in the same industry, yet don’t become bitter or jealous when the other succeeds. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate even the word – “jealous”. By now, most people have realized that green-eyed monster only hurts you more than helps you.
My secret? My mentality. One of my favorite inspirational leaders states it perfectly, and I wanted to share it with all of my blog readers today. I've even added a prayer for those who struggle especially hard in this area. You truly will be inspired. Your life will change once you adopt this way of thinking, I promise :) Ready? Here it is:

"Self-focus and striving to be number one at others’ expense does not make life work the way it was intended to work and is definitely not God’s will for our lives. Instead, He wants us to be aggressive about loving others and helping them get ahead. Love must be more than a theory or a word; it has to be action. It must be seen and felt. Love is and has always been His idea. He came to love us and to teach us how to love. When we do this, life is exciting, beautiful and rewarding."
-Joyce Meyer
Isn't this beautiful?

Love someone today:
Lord, help me not to disregard or compete with others in an effort to be number one. I pray for opportunities to show love to others by helping others get ahead and reach their goals in life. Amen.

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