Thursday, August 22, 2013

Work Avoidance

Have you ever had a day where you had a lot of work to do but get distracted at every turn?

That was the story of my life today. I made a detailed list of things that I needed to get done and to be honest, I didn't get much done. I mean I got a few key things accomplished and even few important meetings in but on a scale of 1-10, today I'd give myself a 6 (maybe really more like a 5).

I did learn though that I am not the only person who finds ways to avoid work when they actually have a lot work to do though---very comforting. To show you how even more of a mess I was today, I even set goals with myself to continue with my lazy behavior--finish this play a little Candy Crush,  respond to this e-mail, play some more LOL. Why Lord why?!?! Usually I can conquer a to-do list like nobodies business, but today not so much.

Tomorrow, I am going to get myself together for real. No country for people who do work at home or on the weekend so I have to make tomorrow count---if that's the good Lord's will *winks*.

Do you get distracted at work or when you have a lot to do? Any tips to work through it? I'm starting to think that avoiding work is normal--just not everyday of course.

Hope you had a great day!

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