Friday, September 20, 2013


Is it always a marathon race to Fridays? When Friday hits, I am like yes I made it through another week--actually I feel this way on Thursdays too. I wonder what it is like for people who don't work a typical Monday-Friday schedule. This was essentially my first full week of everything I have to normally do at work and all my classes...YIKES! But I made it and got an A on my first paper! I don't mind a busy week but the weekends need to be clear and this weekend is pretty clear so I am thrilled.

On tap for this weekend: spending lots of time with my baby boy and husband, catching up on a few shows, reading a few chapters from a book that isn't from school, and a healthy dose of candy crush and Pinterest.
This weekends dessert : Apple Dump Cake
Probabaly one of my favorite thing about fall is apples so I think it is only fitting that I make something with apples. Yum yum yum. I'm motivating myself by trying a new dessert every weekend...If I can make it through the week someting glorious is always at the end lol. Last weekend I made these beauties:

Why can't I be one of those people that doesn't like sweets??? I'll be getting my walk on too because thanks to Pinterest, I always have something yummy to try.
Anywho, tonight is my first teen mentoring group meeting for the year at church. I am kind of looking forward to it now that I am in a group conseling skills class. Hopefully I can try out a few things to keep the group momentum going throughout the year and get some practice as a clinician. We shall see.
Have a great weekend!
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