Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Kind Of Groupie Are You?

All right y'all time to publish some of these drafts! Here is a post I started last weekend.

I've never been one to hang in groups. I've had the same core group of friends for a while now---I've added a few ladies for sure but not very many. I really live by the motto no new friends well before Drake made his song about it. I hang with the same people so much that these ladies are always in photos and easily remembered by family and other friends because they can always count on them being around. These ladies enhance my life. They love Jesus, they challenge me, support me, and make me always want to strive to be better. Such a good group.

Some groups can be toxic though. When I first thought about toxic groups, I thought of a gang. But toxic groups can be in places you least expect them to be. Certain people in church, work, school, etc can be toxic. These people are crafty. They may seem good and well intentioned at first but if you pay attention, their true nature always comes out.

This was highlighted for me last week on my way to DC when I saw this about groupies:

This got me thinking about how careful we have to be about who we surround ourselves with and the groups we form. Sometimes we have been around people for so long that even the thought of having to let them go gives us anxiety. We tell ourselves, "they are a good people but...". When the negatives a person brings to a relationship start to outweigh the positives, it may be time to release them from our group.

Now this doesn't have to end in a shouting match or with harsh words. It can be a gradual release. Maybe the person never did anything spiteful to you that really broke you down but sometimes we simply outgrow our relationships with people as we grow in Christ and grow in our own personal development. There is a season for everything and everyone. No group we are or were apart of was a mistake. We were suppose to learn something but learn the lesson and get out.

I am proud to be  a groupie amongst my girlfriends. We are all doing something and going somewhere. We all have goals and aspirations and are working towards them everyday. We are learning and growing in Christ, realizing that we don't need much to be "rich", and just all around good people. We laugh, we cry, we teach each other, and we support each other. If you are a groupie, make sure your group adds to your life. If not, it may be time to move on.

Be blessed my friends.

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