Monday, December 16, 2013

Feelin' Like A Woman

This weekend courtesy of a snowstorm, I was at home all day with my family. With the first semester of grad school out of the way and no reading to be done, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I had time to make pancakes, wrap gifts, and do pretty much whatever I wanted. I did three main things--spend time with my sweet baby boy and husband, listen to Beyonce's new album, and play candy crush (my whole family is now hooked). I can't get over how fast my son is growing. He says the most random things. Like Daddy are you playing Candy Crush or Mommy do you want an iced latte from Dunkin' Doughnuts…WHAT?!? iCan't!

Anyhow listening to this Beyonce album really made me think more about  being a woman, taking care of myself, and bringing sexy back if you will. I mean if you see the way she is twerking in these video's, how could you not want to be a little more fierce?!?! It is really starting to sink in for me that I am really a woman…like really. This weekend was the first weekend that I actually did my own hair (see this blog post for some for tips) and nails at home on the same day and felt good about it. I've also started doing my makeup recently and I actually like it too. I also finding that I am enjoying spending just a little more time picking out clothes (on some days) or planning dates with my husband as well.

Now, I don't think you have to do any of these things to be a woman but for some reason these things are making me feel more "womanly" if you will. You would think birthing a child would have done it for me but it didn't. There was nothing cute about being pregnant for me. Anything that was, I didn't see it at the time because to be honest, I was just trying to make it through each day. And because I didn't have too many friends that had kids at the time, I had very few to really share the experience with. Now though, I am happy to get dressed up and embrace my inner flyness. Being a woman is such a blessing. Why not embrace things that make us who we are?

I can't say that everyday I will do all these things but I really am starting to feel like a woman in more ways than one.

To all my ladies, when did you start to really "feel like a woman"? What are some things you do to get in touch with your inner fierceness?

Here are some of my favorites from Beyonce's new album. *I couldn't get videos for all of them but below are what I found that weren't reviews.* This isn't really a top ten because I love every song. Trust me every song on the album just makes you want to be cute, dance, and cuddle up with your boo so be warned.

Mine feat. Drake


Drunk in Love
Superpower feat. Frank Ocean

Not pictured but I highly recommend you check out Partition and Rocket as well. You'll thank me later…trust me.

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  1. Having my hair laid and wearing cute pants makes me feel womanly lol. Partition definitely showcases the power of some fierce make up amongst other things as well,