Friday, December 13, 2013

Praise Out Loud

I have to confess that complainers touch my last nerve. What is even worse than a complainer is someone who is always compalining but when they finally get whatever it is that they want or whatever they were complaining about subsides, they never utter a word of thanks or tell people the good things.

So today, I am giving praise to God for his continued favor. I am thanking him for giving me everything that I need and a lot of things that I want. I really believe that even if you stuggle (and by struggle I'm talking about bank account at $3 or less, not driving anywhere because you don't have gas money struggling) you will be blessed.

Here's an example, I am pretty serious about paying my tithes. I hadn't been to church but I made sure that my check was written and those funds were tucked away. In the one week that I was holding on to my tithes, so many random financial things kept popping up. The temptation to dip into my tithes was so real but I didn't. I made it to church and happily dropped my tithing envelope in the basket. I was even able to bless a few people with random acts of kindness even though my bank account was telling me "girl have a seat". Then fast forward a week and BAM I was blessed with extra (my tithes and them some). This was so unexpected that I almost cried.

You never know when God when sprinkle favor on your life and the most unexpected times. We should not complain louder than we offer praise. Praise for the big and praise for the small.

Another example, I am grateful for Beyonce. Laugh if you want to but waking up to a new Beyonce album was a blessing to me today--a "girl you just finished your first semester of classes and handled your finals" gift if you will. I give praise as I groove in my seat doing work.
This comment tickled me to death y'all! LOL

I give praise for husbands and mamas who cook, help out with babies, and housework.

I give praise for being able to be a blessing to other people even when I don't think I can.

I give praise for being able to survive four grad school courses and 1.5 jobs with a husband and a toddler and get all A's.

I give praise for renewed relationships and girlfriends to watch Scandal with.

I give praise for students who love me even though most of the time I feel like I don't want to teach.

I praise God for a vision.

I give praise for a moment to breathe and reflect.

I give praise for a day with a slower pace and a laughing toddler in the morning.

I am grateful.  There is too much haterd, death, and uneasiness in the world to not be.
Jesus didn't die on a cross for us to complian all the time. As Christmas approaches, we should all strive to give a little more praise.
You never know who is watching how navigate your journey. Does what you do and say uplift another sister or brother? You never know. Strive to be reflections of Christ's love and sacrifice.

I will always give praise.

Be blessed my friends.

Happy Friday!


  1. The struggle in life is real. The moment you cry because a friend buys you some meat and a loaf of bread when you are down to your last $20 is one of the most humbling and rewarding feelings in the world. God knows all our about our struggles and I feel that he provides true friends not only to help, pray, joke, lend,give but also to learn about how good he is as you overcome that particular mountain or hill. It is ok to vent but sometimes as you mentioned you got to just say thank you! I am grateful for your blog and I have been lifed through your words!

  2. Love this!!!!! When we praise it shuts out all complaining and opens the doors for what God has for us!