Thursday, December 19, 2013

Is it Break Yet?

Is it break yet? Is it break yet? I am ready to be at home enjoying the holidays and basking in hours of nothingness and egg nog/cookies. I feel like Christmas was coming and now it pretty much here.

YIKES! Why is time going so fast?

I am so happy that I only have one more day of work left in 2013. I am slightly annoyed that my break isn't a full two weeks but I'll take it. I have a dinner tonight with some friends that I am super excited about and my secret santa at work is keeping me going. I swear though, I am one more "sorry we didn't catch this earlier but can you _____" before I have to go off on someone. Usually I just roll with the punches, but for once I am ahead of the game so I have no time to be re-doing stuff. 
Pray for me saints.
My Christmas dinner ingredients has been purchased (except this prime rib my mom wants to make). New dessert recipes secured. I'll have to post my Christmas menu this weekend.
I am ready for some rest and relaxation for sure.
I hope that all of you are getting ready for some type of winter break. What are some things you all are up to as you get ready for the Christmas?

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