Monday, January 6, 2014

Bury Your Worries

Yesterday's sermon was a great way to lead into 2014. The sermon was titled, Faith is the Grave for Worry (see Mark 9:14-27 for context). My pastor said that faith is the core of our being as members of the body of Christ. This is something we all know but it gets little tricky as we move throughout our hectic lives and encounter different struggles. Above all else must be believers. Faith can bring blessings we just have to focus. If we really believe that God can help us get a new job, heal our sickness, help us to become debt free, *insert whatever here*, then we have nothing to worry about.

However, the reality is that we tend to worry about everything and often don't really worry about things that actually should concern us. I am guilty of this too. I have gotten better but I still worry at times. My pastor reminded us that worrying can cause some serious problems. If that ain't the truth!?!?!!!! I have gotten plenty of headaches from worrying. He said most of the time what we worry about it stuff that we can't control. All we need to do with our worries is to turn to God in faith and then our faith is the grave for all our worries. When we give our worries to God and believe him at his word, we don't need to worry any more. Our worries are buried in a grave of faith and grave is a final resting place.

I encourage you all to worry a little less this year. You will get all of what you need and probably even a few things that you want. If you hit a bump, embrace it and learn from it. If I think back on so many things that I have worried about, what I thought was going to be horrible wasn't so bad. Bills got paid, work got done, life went on, etc. I was usually always worked up for no reason.

So this year, because I have faith,  I want to worry a little less. I know that God has got it and I truly believe him at his word.

I already feel better.

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  1. Thanks! I needed this. Staying focus on God's promise for my life.