Monday, March 31, 2014

Break Away

Hey y'all!!!

It was a great week taking a break from social media. It was nice to not have my phone glued to my hand but I did miss me some Pinterest though.  I think I am going to continue to keep the apps off my phone but still keep them on my iPad. This way, when I am looking at them, it is for leisure and not just because I can. I really thought I was going to miss something but I didn't miss a thing! The people I wanted to know about, I did (even if it was delayed). Everyone else wasn't really needed. I do admit that it is nice to check-in on family and friends/acquaintances who aren't local, but I don't need to do it every five minutes--once a day or even every few days is fine. In fact, I wasted a good 30-45 minutes of work time this Saturday just aimlessly surfing on Facebook and Instagram. I already don't have a lot of time so that is crazy.

That being said, here are my Top 10 Benefits of Backing Away from Social Media:
  1. More phone battery life.
  2. Actually talking/texting people I love.
  3. Uninterrupted quality time with my family.
  4. More time being productive.
  5. Actually reading the news from news sites.
  6. More time to focus on tasks that need to be done.
  7. More time to read the word. Did you know in the Bible App you can listen to the Bible?!?!
  8. Phone not permanently glued to my hand.
  9. Keeping private things private.
  10. Time to read magazines. 
It's really amazing how life continues to go on even if we aren't glued to social media. I am not 100% against social media but I want to be the one in charge of it instead of it running me.

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