Monday, April 14, 2014

Spending Time in the Valley

All right y'all I am back with another guest blogger my friend Shavon! I often speak of the goodness of the Lord but I also want to be sure to balance that with the very real struggles we will have to endure even as believers. What I love about this post is that it is a real reflection of what it is like to really be in a valley BUT to ultimately NOT lose faith. Yes you will be upset, hurt, confused, frustrated and even feel like given up but God is faithful and his timing is perfect. Sometimes we have to learn some lessons the hard way and that is okay.

Without further adieu, here is Shavon's story:

2013 was a year filled with many highs but some brutal lows. As the summer began I was extremely excited to start my new job in a position that would allow me to blend all of my degrees and experience over the years. I was also looking forward to my first trip to somewhere beyond the Caribbean to Rome, Italy through my PhD program.

But when I returned from Rome, I felt like anything that could go wrong did. My boss had numerous issues and lacked in many areas in which a leader should thrive. As the summer months went by we constantly struggled to plan to open a new school with members of the leadership team coming and going. By the time the fall arrived I felt as if I was in hell literally. Work was extremely difficult and every thing that I was initially hired to do became non-existent and changed last minute.

One Friday in September, it hit me that I could no longer suffer at this job even though I had no job to replace it with.  I went to church and I heard God loud and clear, I needed to trust him. I was beyond scared as I have never quit a job before and had recently moved into a more expensive apartment. I knew this was a test of my faith and even when my call to an old boss did not go well I knew what had to do. I gave my two week’s notice but less than two days later I was walked out of the building.  In this same time span the guy that I was dating popped up after three months of no communication and called me stupid for even thinking of walking away from the lucrative job. 

October was the darkest month I have faced in my life in a long time. I had no job and despite four potential offers, they all fell through. In addition to no employment I received the worst news that no female ever wants to hear. The man who convinced me to believe in a long distance relationship actually working turned out to be a married man with three children. As you can imagine I literally felt like a marked woman. How could so many bad things happen to me at one time?

November brought a few ups as I received a few more leads about potential jobs. My mental state was shot at times but through the grace of God and lots of prayer I kept on pushing. At one point I thought I had a job as my references were called and everyone around me was excited. The day that I received bad news that they went with someone else I felt like my stomach was ripped out. I actually yelled at God and felt like giving up completely.

However what God has for you is for you and if you believe it he will bring it to you and you will make it through. Less than 48 hours following my painful rejection I received a call back from a previous school that I thought was no longer interested in me. Within 24 hours they asked me to come in for a demo lesson. I prayed and went on faith and that lesson was one of the best I have ever taught in my career. Four days later I got the call and was offered a job!

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. (Psalms 34:19 KJV)

To be continued there is a blessing in the rain….

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